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Epimetheii's Journal
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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
2:25 pm
I think all organizations should have a mission statement and this thread is for such discussion but I will also add a mission statement for this livejournal community:

"To get those who were on Pandora Comics organized and to decide what they collectively want to do when hosted again."

Now what about the new version of Pandora Comics?
2:10 pm
What should the new group be called? Since it is really the same original group, the old name should work if we are allowed to use it but now is also a fine time to make a new one so if we choose a new one we do it now or it will likely stay Pandora Comics from now on (assuming we can still use that name).

questions to discuss:
should we keep the name if we can?
what sort of things should the new name tell people about who we are?
any suggestions or suggested words to incorporate?
1:04 pm

I would prefer if this community avoided discussion of Oren's decision and action and concentrate on "What do we do now". I will not squash such discussions but I will squash negative comments so:

"If you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all" - Thumper in the film "Bambi"

If you were part of Pandora Comics, please post and let us know

1)your pen name,
2)what you contributed,
3)what you would like to see in the new community and why,
4)how regular do you realistically expect to make updates
5)what qualities would you like to see the new community having, that is, what kinds of comics should be most welcome?

introductions and general comments can go here or join and start a thread
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